Our services include valuation of:

  • vehicles (road transport, water transport); 
  • equipment and facilities;  
  • office equipment and hardware; 
  • production facilities; 
  • shop commodity stocks and other movable property. 

We perform movable property valuation to determine value of a company’s movable property for the needs of accountancy, starting price of auction in case of insolvency (forced sales value), utilization value of equipment, as well as market value to receive financing of bank or leasing when purchasing used equipment, e.g. woodworking, metal working or agricultural equipment.

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When performing valuation of specific movable property, e.g. production equipment etc. our employees can attract expert of accordant sector to consult regarding issues that could affect value of property depending on its condition and depreciation.


Printed copies of valuations are duly secured against falsification as the forms have embedded holograms.

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For even better valuation process and result

Photo with explanation of each item

The valuation comprises not only name of the movable property, but also photo and identification number of each item, corresponding to its valuation in table. Thus we avoid any misunderstandings in the valuation.


To obtain a more precise view of the object we recommend to order a video material that will provide a more precise information about visual condition of the object. Such video material is especially important in valuation of objects of large area (e.g. industrial objects etc.).

For corporate customers of PRO Motion

We have created a tool www.estimate.lv that is available only to regular customers of PRO Nami. It is envisaged for monitoring, archive of valuation etc. For more information about Estimate.lv contact us.


To obtain a more precise valuation result we can perform inventory necessary e.g. when appraising shop commodity stocks. For inventories we attract experts of accordant sector – our reliable cooperation partners.